Square Assembler

Square Assembler contains three different puzzle games united by common interface and idea - to take out all squares from the board by matching colors. Addictive one-player mode, as well as playing against the computer are supported.Various skins are

DNA Sequence Assembler  v.4.2

DNA Sequence Assembler is revolutionary bioinformatics software for manual and automatic DNA sequence assembly, DNA sequence analysis, contig editing, file format conversion and mutation detection.


Smaller Animals TIFF Assembler  v.1.0

TIFF Assembler lets you combine images files into a single multi-page TIFF. The source images can be any of the major popular image formats (JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.), in almost any size or bit-depth. You simply add them to the grid and save it.

MIPS Assembler  v.2.0.0011

MIPS Assembler and Simulator is a tool for converting MIPS assembly code into MIPS machine code in either hexadecimal or binary output format.

DeepSoftware Easy Assembler Shell  v.

This is the cool shell for assembler language. The assembler language programmer can try to use this program to increase the quality, productivity and speed of Win32 development. May be, this program is that you want.

GSS Visual Assembler  v.

GSS Visual Assembler is a development environment of the software for Windows OS, intended for development of programs in an assembly language. IDE with easily customised interface reminding interface Borland Delphi or Microsoft Visual Studio.

APNG Assembler  v.2.6

Standalone version of the popular APNG Assembler. APNG Assembler is a simple,

Guardiano Assembler  v.12.26

Guardiano Assembler - The malware uninstaller - for ReactOS, Windows 7 , Vista , XP,2000, include Rootkit-Detection Module, AntiSpyware Module, Anti Pendrive-virus module, Multilanguage module, Antivirus Module , This Antivirus, can easly detect Chan

GeDA - Generic DTO Assembler  v.2.0.3

GeDA was inspired by developer's lazyness (as always).

Asmj 8-bit assembler  v.rc

A 6809/6800/8080/8008 macro assembler written in Java.

Html Assembler  v.46

Html Assembler is a static site generator.

Kasm - Saturn assembler  v.1.0.0

kasm is an assembler for the Saturn microprocessor, used in the HP48/HP49 calculators.

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